Exterior work

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New pictures are posted on the slide show.  The inside of our building is 75% complete and the outside of the building is taking shape.  Drive by the location at 1515 W. Roosevelt to see:

  • The split face block on the lower outside walls.
  • Our new drive thru is 70% complete!
  • Work has started on the covered parking areas.
  • Large dirt piles on the west end are being moved off.
  • Parking lot is starting to take shape.
  • Lots and lots of construction activity!


Over the next two weeks, expect to see brick on the building, stucco (if there is no rain storm), the start of landscaping and lots of work on curbing and sidewalks.


Monsoons have made our exterior work fall behind schedule, but the plan is still to open in early Fall.


Just like to give another shout out to North American Builders, LLC and Mountain Top Builders, LLC for all their hard work!



Robin Romano, CEO

August 1, 2017

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